Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And I'm running again...

After a week of not running, due to a little cold (Oh daddy, sure you can't go running *cough* *cough*. I've got such a nice daughter) last monday I picked up where I left of. It felt great to go out and get busy. Even though summer is still far away, it's nice outside. Today was a little bit cold but I made a little progress.

My knees feel fine so that's nothing to worry about (Thanx to the PSB Patella Braces). It feels great being able to run again. I am looking forward to those 5km runs  and then on to 10km. And that's it. No more 10 mi for me. I like 10km much more than 16.2km (So no, I won't be running the Dam-tot-Dam loop anymore. Been there, done that). But I do look forward to find some nice 10km runs to join. I will probably enlist for the 8km (5mi) of De Lintloop MAX Vleuten. It's right outside my door so no long travel time. And it's not until November 9 so that gives me quite some time to prepare. Until then, there may be other runs I am going to sign up with.

Ok, I can hear the shower calling my name and my wife is preparing dinner so I have to finish this blog for now.

Hope you'll be here for my next blog.


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